Quilt Patterns

Crooked Tracks

Crooked Tracks is one of our newest patterns and one which took a while to get exactly right. This quilt was inspired by the way a river flows around rocks, and the movement of the water.

Crooked Tracks.jpg

Hearts at Sea

I was playing with the Storm at Sea pattern and discovered that you can make hearts within the pattern, which gave me the inspiration for our Hearts at Sea pattern.

Hearts at Sea.jpg

Milky Way

Milky Way is one of our two newest patterns, and it was designed using the On the Ranch Collection by Batik Textiles. This quilt is one of a few that use traditional quilt blocks on larger scale, with additional quilt blocks inside of them creating the pattern effects.

Milky Way.jpg

Oriental Stained Glass

Oriental Stained Glass was inspired by a stained-glass window which I saw while travelling with my sister in Europe. This is our most popular pattern, and we have also put out covers of the same quilt called Batik Stained Glass and Aboriginal Stained Glass.

Stained Glass.jpg

Aboriginal Stained Glass

Aboriginal Stained Glass is the same pattern as the Oriental Stained Glass, but with different patterns and a different pattern cover.

Aboriginal Staind Glass.jpg

Patches & Scraps

The idea for Patches & Scraps came to me when I had a stack of fat quarters and I wanted a simple quilt that used all of the fat quarters in the collection.

Patches and Scraps.jpg

Starry Night

Starry Night is one of our two newest patterns, and it was designed using the Moose Junction and Puffin Ridge Collections from Batik Textiles. I love star blocks, and I also like symmetry in a quilt, and I drew the idea for this quilt while I should have been taking notes on a lecture I was attending.

Starry Night.jpg

Interwoven Ribbons

I saw a quilt in a quilt show which was made up of squares and half-square triangles which made large zig-zag designs, and thought to myself, what if the zig-zags didn’t all go the same direction and were wrapped around each other? This was my inspiration for Interwoven Ribbons.

Interwoven Ribons

Interlocking Squares

Interlocking Squares was inspired by a small stained-glass window that I saw in a small chapel in Scotland. The window only had five squares which were interconnected but I have enlarged it to make a variety of quilt sizes. 

Interlocking Squares

Hearts Table Runner

I wanted to have a table runner with a lot of hearts on it, but without a right side up or upside down, so that it looked good from both directions, and playing with that idea gave me the inspiration for the Hearts Table Runner.

Hearts Table Runner.jpg

Teapot Table Runner

My sister has a collection of teapots, and I thought that she might like to have a table runner with different types of teapots of it. This was the inspiration for the Teapot Table Runner.

Tea Pot Table Runner.jpg

Wintery Night

Wintery Night is a winter inspired table runner, which reminded me of cutting out paper snowflakes as a child to decorate the windows in the winter.

Wintery Night Table Runner.jpg

Domino Five

I have also started designing patterns for Villa Rosa Designs. The first pattern I developed for Villa Rosa is named after and inspired by a Scottish Country Dance called Domino Five.

Domino Five.jpg

Positive Sign

My second pattern for Villa Rosa Designs was inspired by my dad, who thought it would be interesting to have a quilt made up of plus signs. This led to the development of Positive Sign.

Positive sign.jpg

French Braids

I like the rail fence block and the different things you can do with this pattern. Experimenting with this pattern and blank blocks led to the development of French Braids for Villa Rosa Designs.

French Breads.jpg


I loved designing Interlocking Squares, and wanted to design more quilts that had a similar feel to them, which is how I came up with the pattern for Squared.


Strip Pack Purse

I enjoy purse and tote patterns and wanted to develop some of my own, using strip packs. This led to the idea for the Strip Pack Purse, my first purse pattern.

Strip Pack Purse.jpg

Strip Pack Travel Purse

After designing the Strip Pack Purse, I thought it would be nice to have a similar bag but with a cover that made it more travel friendly. This led to the idea for the Strip Pack Travel Purse.

Purse (1 of 1).jpg

Super Simple Strip Pack Tote

Many of the tote patterns I had seen and made were very complicated, and I thought it would be nice to have a pattern for a simple tote which went together quickly and easily, so I developed the Super Simple Strip Pack Tote.

Super Simple Strip Pack Tote.jpg

Crystal Flowers

The design for Crystal Flowers comes from several inspirations, including flowers and the light catcher crystals which you hang in the window.

Cryastal Flowers (p).jpg

Michelle's Stars

Michelle's Stars was a quilt that I designed for my sister Michelle after she requested a quilt with stars inside of other stars.

Cropped Star.jpg

Rocky Mountain Chain

Rocky Mountain Chain is a pattern which I developed to be a block of the month, and it features smaller blocks inside of the traditional Rocky Mountain Chain block which makes up the quilt.

Rocky Mountain Chain 2.jpg

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging Lanterns was inspired by a picture I saw of paper lanterns in bright colors hanging in a shop window.

Hanging Lanterns.jpg

Sonoran Sunrise

Our family has lived in both New Mexico and Arizona, and the southwest designs that exist in that part of the world got me playing with ideas which ended up becoming our Sonoran Sunrise pattern.

Sonoran Sunrise 2.jpg

Split Squares

Split Squares was developed at the same time as the More Split Squares pattern, and they both came from the same idea, putting simple blocks together in different ways to make intriguing patterns.

Split Squares.jpg

Strips & Squares

When I was living in Colorado, I visited a quilt store which was closing and bought about 14 different strip packs because they were on sale and really pretty. Then I thought I should probably design a quilt using a strip pack. This led to the Strips & Squares pattern.

Strips and Squares.jpg


Infinite was designed based on some tile work I had seen in the entryway of an old house in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Infinite 2.jpg

More Split Squares

More Split Squares was one of my first patterns, and was designed while I was still using only graph paper and a pencil. I was playing with ways to put together simple blocks and create interesting patterns.

More Split Squares.jpg

Nothing but Borders

Nothing but Borders was inspired by an idea from my dad, who thought it would be interesting to have a quilt that was one border after another after another. I started with the center blocks and worked my way out, playing with the different borders until I got a border that fit and looked good.

Crooked Tracks.jpg

Pathway to the Stars

The pattern for Pathway to the Stars was developed while trying to get another pattern idea to work, and I ended up liking this accidental pattern much better than the original one I had been working on!

Pathway to the Stars 2.jpg


When my sister and I were living in Maine someone used duct tape to decorate a fence near where we lived and that was the inspiration for the S.O.S quilt pattern.


Star Bright

Star Bright was the first quilt that I ever designed, and the quilt that started this entire business! I wanted a quilt which would fit the extra long twin beds in the dorm rooms at school and I wanted something bright and cheerful, so I drew this pattern out and put it together.

Star Bright.jpg

Stars & Stripes

I really like Irish Chain quilts, but thought that they would be even more fun if you used the traditional pattern and incorporated blocks inside the blank squares. This led to the inspiration for Stars & Stripes, our patriotic quilt pattern.

Stars and Stripes.jpg

X's and O's

I love a good flannel quilt, and wanted a pattern that would be easy to make up in flannels, using the 5” charm squares that a friend had given me. I found coordinating fabric and came up with the idea for X’s and O’s.

Xs and Os.jpg